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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is North America's most plentiful softwood species.  It is also among the strongest and hardest softwood species.  Douglas Fir's light rosy color is set off by its remarkably straight and handsome grain pattern.  Over time when exposed to light, Douglas Fir will "redden" in color.

Wood floors in homes, gyms, and factories can take a beating!  Douglas Fir's strength, beauty and old-fashioned toughness are prime reasons for choosing this long lasting wood.  Douglas Fir provides a tough surface that will hold a finish, maintain its appearance under extreme wear and remain level without cracking, scuffing or splintering.

Our Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Flooring is available in C & Better Vertical Grain for a more refined look in widths of 1x3", 1x4", 1x6" and 5/4x4" and lengths from 3' to 20.'  Also in stock is 5/4x4" Landing Tread and 5/4x12" Stepping in lengths from 3' to 20'.  We are happy to pull any size order, large or small.

Northeast Lumber Sales, Inc. takes pride in our ability to provide our customers with the finest customer service.  If you need a special size, grade or pattern, please give us a call .  We require no minimum size orders and will provide free delivery (certain restrictions apply).


For more information visit or contact Northeast Lumber Sales, Inc. at (800) 727-NELS (6357).



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