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Penofin® Penetrating Oil Finish

Penofin® Penetrating Oil Finish

Find out why thousands of professional contractors across the U.S. rely on Penofin for the ultimate in wood care, and the continuing customer delight that using the best finish can bring. Try Penofin’s fine oil wood finishes today!

  • Brazilian Rosewood Oil: Strong, flexible, water-resistant oil sustainably harvested from the nuts of the Brazilian rosewood tree. Allows the wood to retain its flexibility. Creates no surface film. No trees are ever cut down to obtain this oil.
  • Transoxide Pigments: These pigments also penetrate into the wood protecting it from the inside out from the sun’s damaging rays. Penofin provides up to 99% ultraviolet protection. It adds a rich, transparent color to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, highlighting the grain.
  • High-Grade Mildewcide: The finest possible mildewcide is used to retard growth of mold and mildew.
  • Penetration: Penofin’s low-solid formula ensures easy application; there are no lapmarks as with high-solid formulas. A high-solid stain means you must keep a wet edge during application or you will end up with an uneven finish. This simply does not happen with Penofin.

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Product Line: Penofin Hardwood Formula

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Wood stain especially formulated to penetrate dense hardwoods. 99% ultraviolet protection. Transparent natural tone allows the beauty of the wood to be seen. Advanced mildew protection. Not a surface film that will crack, bubble, or peel.


Product Line: Ultra Premium Red Label Penofin

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Ultra Premium Formula Wood Stain for Extra Performance. Increased transoxide pigments for 99% ultraviolet protection against fading. Extra protection against mildew. Brazilian Rosewood Oil wood stain that deeply penetrates to protect against moisture. Pigments won't fade, turn chalky or wash off.

Ultra Clear
Ultra Cedar
Ultra Western Red Cedar
Ultra Redwood
Ultra Chestnut
Ultra Sierra
Ultra Sable
Ultra Hickory
Ultra Mission Brown
Ultra Bark

Product Line: Marine Oil Finish

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Protects the beauty of wood in Marine Environments. For use on boats, cabins, cockpits, decks, railings, and docks. 99% ultraviolet protection. Highest quality mildew protection.

Marine Oil

Product Line: Blue Label Penofin

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The "work horse" of the Penofin wood stain product line. 90% ultraviolet protection from transoxide pigments virtually eliminates fading due to sunlight. Brazilian Rosewood Oil that deeply penetrates to protect against moisture.

Western Red Cedar

Product Line: Penofin for Pressure Treated Wood

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Wood stain formulated to bring out the natural beauty of pressure-treated wood. One-coat formula. Meets EPA guidelines to lock in carcinogens in CCA wood. Great performance on ACQ wood. 99% ultraviolet protection.


Product Line: TSF Hardwood

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Transparent satin finish for hardwoods. Durable yet flexible alkyd-urethane hybrid technology. Deep penetrating modified natural oils combined with advanced waterborne delivery system for maximum penetration and natural beauty. Water repellent yet breathable formulation. Platinum level UV resistance. Easy reapplication. No need to sand or chemically strip before re-coating. Easy soap and water clean up. Low VOC (<100 g/L)


Product Line: Pro-Tech Stripper

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Specially developed to effectively remove oil finishes on all exterior wood, composite or concrete surfaces using New Clean Strip Technology. Leaves little or no residue, will not raise grain and provides double the coverage of average strippers. The first step in preparing wood for a beautiful Penofin application. Certified no VOC's product.

Pro-Tech Wood Stripper #1

Product Line: Pro-Tech Cleaner

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This unique formula uses Super Hydrogen Power to tackle just about any outdoor cleaning job around your home. Mix these concentrated granules in varying strengths to effectively remove grease, grime, dirt, organic stains, tree sap and mineral deposits. Kills mold and mildew. Restores wood to mill-bright appearance. Biodegradable, safe on soil and plant life.

Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner #2

Product Line: Pro-Tech Brightener

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Annihilates tough tannin stains and watermarks on all types of wood, decking, siding and fences. Removes mill glaze for better penetration. Re-establishes the Ph balance of wood to bring back that mill-bright color.

Pro-Tech Wood Brightener #3

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